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Britannia Gold 10ml



Black Magic – A great combination of flavour, the blackcurrant & blackberry fusion.

Blueberry Burst – Fresh blueberries with a slight bubble-gum twist.

Black Ice – Very similar to the soothing blackcurrant sore throat sweets.

Black Liquorice – Reminiscent of the Black Jack chewy sweets.

Blackcurrant – Plain and simple strong blackcurrant sweetness.

Blue Ice – Blueberry & ice mint mixed create a refreshing and satisfying flavour that never gets boring.

Blue Menthol – Blue raspberry fused with a cool menthol finish.

Cherry Bakewell – A highly accurate representation of traditional Cherry Bakewell tarts. Recommended for those with a sweet tooth.

Custard Cream – Classic biscuit flavour that we all know and love.

Drumstix – Just like the popular Milk and Raspberry chewy sweets.

Everton Mint – Hard boiled mints with a delicious toffee centre.

Fresh Raspberry – Pure and simple fresh raspberry taste.

Fruit Salad – Probably the only salad that appeals to everyone.

Ice Mint – A strong blend of mint and menthol. Extremely refreshing with a cooling aftertaste.

Intense Cherry – Slightly sour with a juicy burst of cherry.

Juicy Pineapple – A delicious juicy pineapple flavour that’s refreshing on a hot day.

Kahuna – Strawberries and cherry crash together in this cocktail blend, with a squeeze of fresh lime.

Menthol – Classic, refreshing flavour that will be recognised by those used to smoking menthol cigarettes or rolling tobacco using menthol tips.

New York Cheesecake – Great vanilla taste with a biscuit base, ideal for mixing with other fruity flavours.

Pear Drops – Perhaps one of the most popular flavours both with customers, a definite all day vape.

Rainbow Mix – We won’t say, but we think you know what rainbow this tastes like.

Raspberry Fizz – A great taste of the 90s kids’ favourite chew bars.

Real Cigs – Possesses a smoother taste with less throat hit than others in our tobacco range. Ideally recommended for conventional cigarette smokers who are not quite ready.

Rhubarb & Custard – Just like the hardboiled classic sweets.

Rollin Tobacco – A smooth traditional tobacco most will be accustomed to.

Rouge –  A Rich blend of berries with a hint of menthol.

Sherbet Lemon – Sweet, tangy lemon with a fizzy centre.

Strawberry – Succulent, sweet and simple strawberry.

Summer Fruits – Just what the doctor ordered on a hot summers day.

Tobacco – One of the most favoured tobacco’s amongst customers, just what it says on the bottle.

Tutti Frutti – A superb blend of sweet and sour fruits to make a classic taste.

Twista – Tangy Lime, sweet Raspberry and a delicious vanilla undertone.

Ultra Ice Mint – An extra strength blend of mint and menthol. Extremely refreshing with a cooling aftertaste.

Vanilla Custard – Fantastic sweet flavour, very creamy and great vapour production.

Watermelon Chew – Juicy and chewy watermelon candy.



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