About Personal Vapour

Personal Vapour could be described as starting almost by chance, over 10 years ago.


Personal Vapour could be described as being started almost by chance, over 10 years ago.

One of the founders of the business was trying to give up smoking after 50 years. Cold turkey didn’t work as the habit was simply too strong to just stop. Every other traditional quitting method including nicotine patches, nicotine gum and tablets, didn’t help kick the habit either.

Somebody suggested he try one of the ‘new’ electric smoking aids, designed to replace cigarettes and ultimately the reliance on nicotine. He found it helped but it was not quite good enough to allow him to stop smoking for good.

After much research into this emerging technology, the co-founder discovered other countries had started to develop the early types of fillable ‘vape’ devices – although they wouldn’t be called ‘vape’ for a number of years, these early Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) were called electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, so-called because of their shape.

His drive to stop smoking was so great that he imported some of these devices and the new ‘e-liquid’ that went with them to see if they worked. They did. So well, in fact, that he imported some more and started to give them out out to his friends and colleagues, and they had the same results.

At this point only about 8 million people in the world used these ‘Personal Vapourisers’ that were invented in China in 2003 and introduced to Europe in 2005.

He spotted the potential in this up-and-coming smoking aid and that’s where it all began. He found a website designer and Personal Vapour’s site was finished towards the end of 2012,

With his business partner, they took a tiny shop in Romford Essex, near Gidea Park rail station, which was one of the first of its kind.

It proved so popular, that another shop soon followed in Chelmsford City centre also in Essex. Subsequently, to cope with the increasing demand and the ever-growing number of products available, the Romford shop had to be moved to larger premises.

The business has gone from strength-to-strength and now has one of the longest online presence in the Vape marketplace in the UK, celebrating 10 years online at the beginning of 2023.

And since they started, Personal Vapour, have helped 1000’s of people give up smoking for good through vaping.

Personal Vapour is a family run business, which customers have always liked and trusted for honest advice and genuine service. Because of the knowledge he has amassed in the last decade, the co-founder has been described by his customers as ‘The Yoda of Vape’.